Amendment to Rules 12.29(b), (o) and 12.37(b), (o) - Amendments to the Underlying as it relates to the Listing Cycle for all Silver Contracts


Pursuant to Commission Regulation §40.6, the HedgeStreet Rule and Instrument Committees have approved certain amendments to the current listing cycle of all Fixed Payout and Variable Payout Silver Contracts. As there are currently a limited number of trade prices available in the January 2006 Silver Futures Contracts traded on NYMEX ® ("SFC"), HedgeStreet would therefore like to commence listing new Silver Contracts based on a sampling of closing trade prices taken from the March 2006 SFC, to commence November 30th, 2005 as there are sufficient SFC trade prices available to HedgeStreet in order to efficiently calculate the Underlying value of these products.

These Rule amendments were made effective at the start of business on Wednesday, November 30, 2005. Click here to view the rule amendments.

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